Sandra Bernhard On ‘Censored’ Roseanne Love Scene

Comedienne Sandra Bernhard is touring with her new one-woman show, “I Love Being Me, Don’t You?” But before she headed off to perform in San Francisco, she stopped by Daily Shot to tell Ali about her show, and how the landscape for women in comedy has changed.

Sandra talked about playing a gay character on Roseanne nearly two decades ago, when television was just starting to portray out gay people…within limits. She told Ali about a love scene she filmed at the time with actress Morgan Fairchild. “We were supposed to kiss on the show, under the mistletoe, but ABC at the time, the censors would only let us come this close and then…CUT! We couldn’t kiss!”

But Sandra wasn’t too disappointed because, “I didn’t really wanna kiss Morgan, she wasn’t my type.” So who WAS her type?

“I was in love with Victoria Principal.”

Ali then asked Sandra about her relationship with Jerry Lewis, her co-star from the 1983 movie, “The King of Comedy.” Lewis recently had some not-so-kind words about her at a Tribeca Film Festival screening of the movie.

To hear her response to Jerry, and what she says one of the biggest misconceptions about her, check out today’s episode of Daily Shot.