Sherri Shepherd on losing weight, staying healthy…. and Gwyneth

When Sherri was diagnosed with diabetes, she weighed 197 lbs and had to take three different medications. This was right before she started working as a co-host on The View. Now almost five years later, she’s dropped about 40 pounds, and is completely off medication, managing the disease with diet and exercise.

Along the way, Sherri learned some valuable lessons about diet an exercise that, she says, can help anyone. It’s all in her new book, Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes (Even If You Don’t Have It).

Sherri’s number one tip for anyone who’d trying to start a healthy lifestyle? “You have to be forgiving of yourself and you have to be your best friend and build yourself up.”

And as for exercise, which Ali hates, Sherri says, “you don’t even have to go to a gym. You can turn on the music for 30 minutes and dance with your kid.”

Ali and Sherri discussed some of the other celebrity diet advice out there. Ali brought up Gwyneth Paltrow, who says, “I like to do fasts and detox a couple of times a year.” Sherri’s response? “Don’t you just wanna punch Gwyneth in the mouth sometimes? This is what I hate: when you’re real skinny, and you tell everybody how to eat. You do fasts and detox? No you just skinny.”

To see what Sherri had to say about other celebrity diet advice, check out the video!