Six Little Parenting Tips

After years of unsuccessfully trying to have kids, Mia and Rozonno McGhee got the ultimate surprise: sextuplets. Now that their children are 3 years old, the couple have had some time to figure out what works. They stopped by the "Daily Shot" studios (kids in tow!) to offer up some of the parenting tips they've learned along the way.

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Their first tip is "Punish them according to their personality," because what works for one child, like a timeout, doesn't necessarily work for another, who might learn more from having a favorite toy taken away.

The McGhees' second tip is work together as a team. While the pair admit they sometimes disagree about parenting, they know they have the same goal in mind. "We always try to make it work for the family," Mia says.

Mia and Rozonno also explain that they work better as parents when they're able to plan for quality time together without the kids. "Always take out time for yourself" is their third tip. "For yourself and for your marriage," Mia says.

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So are they looking for more kids anytime soon? "My tubes are tied!" Mia says.

For the rest of the McGhees' six little parenting tips, check out this episode of "Daily Shot," and be sure to watch "Six Little McGhees" Saturday nights at 10 p.m. on OWN.