Stacy Keibler's Spicy Moment with Ali

Stacy Keibler has the entertainment world all aflutter after her high-profile split from George Clooney. Thankfully, Ali was quick to let the actress know that she’s better off without him.

Ali told the story about a Clooney sighting she had while having dinner with friends in Washington, D.C. They spotted each other, and George walked over to the table and kissed her. “He kissed me and I went ‘hmmm… not so great,” Ali confessed. “I don’t get hype.”

Ali wanted to make sure Stacy knew what a real connection felt like, so she grabbed her face and planted one on her. “That… that you stick with for life!” Ali proclaimed.

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Stacy is already focusing on what’s ahead, namely her new Lifetime show Supermarket Superstar, which highlights aspiring food industry entrepreneurs pitching their recipe ideas to a panel of mentors. “They get the fast track to get all the tools they need to develop their product,” she says, “So they have a chance to win a multi-million dollar deal.”

Stacy is passionate about food, and always tries to eat as healthy as possible. “I’m usually in the produce section,” she says. “I eat a lot of organic vegetables, and I love to cook.”

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