Stay-at-Home Mom Tweets Her Way to Hollywood

If you use twitter, there's a good chance you're following today's guest. Kelly Oxford literally tweeted her way to success, 140 characters at a time. The Canadian blogger had been telling stories online for years—stories about her life as stay-at-home mom of three in Edmonton. But when she joined Twitter in 2009, her witty observations started attracting the attention of people in very high places. People like Jimmy Kimmel, Jessica Alba, and the late Roger Ebert started following her. Hollywood came calling, and she ended up selling two TV pilots to the networks, and, more recently, a movie script to Warner Brothers.

These days, Kelly and her family live in LA, where they hang out with Kristen Bell and Mindy Kaling. She has over a half a million followers on Twitter, and this month, she added ‘bestselling author’ to her resume. Her new book of essays “Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar," is flying off the shelves.

To see Kelly’s conversation with Ali about her new book, and how life has changed for her and her family, check out the video!

You can also keep up with Kelly on her tumblr and, of course, on twitter!