Stop Telling Me To Have Kids!

Jen Kirkman does not want kids. She's a stand-up comedian with a lot of good gigs on her plate—she appears on Chelsea Lately, makes the late night talk show rounds, and has released two successful comedy albums.

She's a busy lady, ok? But so many people asked her, "How could you NOT want to have kids?" that she actually had to write an entire book explaining the reasons why not. The book is called, "I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales from a Happy Life Without Kids."

Ali asked Jen what the biggest misconception was about women without kids. “It’s that I have all this free time,” said Jen. “That we don’t have enough stuff to fill our time with or that we’re not busy.”

Another annoying misconception? That people who don’t have kids are selfish. “To me, selfish just means you do what you want. So if you wanna have kids you do that, and if you don’t, you do that. So everyone’s selfish.”

Jen says she learned the hard way that having kids DOESN’T guarantee you won’t die alone. To hear about her hilariously macabre lesson, click on the video.