Style War: Vanilla Ice vs. Justin Bieber

We’re all familiar with vintage Vanilla Ice the spiky blond hair, the sick dance moves, the "style like a chemical spill." At "Daily Shot," we did a little research into vintage Vanilla style and discovered something shocking: Justin Bieber may be stealing Ice’s style, and we have photos to prove it.

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The all-white look: Vanilla vs. Bieber First, they both rock all white. “He’s definitely got some vanilla flavor going on,” Vanilla says. Next, they both enjoy taking their shirts off. “It’s all about the six-pack,” he adds.

Metallic Green: Vanilla vs. Bieber Other similarities? Vintage Vanilla rocked harem pants and metallic green getups, just like Bieber does now.

Aside from performing — and his eccentric style, Vanilla is passionate about his latest project, working with the Amish community. “They really pride themselves on construction and building furniture.” The actor, who’s also a contractor, spent two months living with an Amish community in Ohio, documented on the DIY Network series “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.”

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To see side-by-side pics of Vanilla and Justin, and to hear about the experience he calls “the highlight of my life,” check out this episode of "Daily Shot."

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