Tahj Mowry: The Olsen Twins Never Learned Their Lines

Tahj Mowry made his TV debut 23 years ago — and he's only 27! Today, fans can find him playing Tucker Dobbs, the unfiltered, uptight friend on "Baby Daddy," but chances are you remember him from his adorable childhood roles on "Full House," "Smart Guy," and "Sister, Sister."

Tahj got into the acting business around the same time as his famous big sisters, twins Tia and Tamera Mowry. The siblings made it a family affair when Tahj guest-starred on the girls' hit sitcom, "Sister, Sister," but you might not remember who he played. "Funny story, I was on 'Sister, Sister' three times, each as a different character," Tahj says. "Nobody cared!"

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What was the most cringe-worthy moment of his career? "Probably the 'Full House' days just because I couldn't really pronounce my r's," Tahj says of playing Teddy, the friend Michelle meets on her first day of kindergarten.

Tahj diligently memorized and practiced his lines for all of his "Full House" scenes, and he quickly learned an important lesson: Sometimes life just isn't fair. "I remember being on 'Full House,' and the twins had their wrangler off set, and they would whisper their lines to them before they had to say it!" Tahj recalls. "Now I understand why, because they're gajillionaires and they don't have time to memorize lines."

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