Take Your Vitamins With a Shot Glass

The holidays are over, but don't put away those shot glasses just yet. Lauren Slayton, nutritionist and author of "The Little Book of Thin," says, "Shots are the new vitamins," and taking the right ones can give your health a serious boost.

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The first shot she recommends is sea buckthorn liquid, which comes from a berry that tastes similar to a sour candy. "If you have sad winter skin and hair, this is your answer," Lauren says of the supplement, which strengthens nails, skin, and hair.

In need of an immunity boost? If you feel a cold coming on, Lauren recommends a shot of astragalus. "It's a root that's been used in Chinese medicine for centuries," she explains. Simply mix a dropperful of the astragalus liquid in water and drink, to enhance the immune system.

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Those who have used aloe vera on a sunburn might be surprised to learn that consuming juice from the plant can also serve a helpful purpose. "It's really for GI purposes," Lauren says. "It helps get things moving!"

Turmeric is another great supplement that helps to reduce bloating, enhances weight loss, and lifts spirits. "It's known as an anti-inflammatory," Lauren explains, "and it can certainly give you a boost when you're feeling low in the winter."

When you need a little energy lift but you don't want to get the shakes, take a shot of E3Live. "It's an algae, which sounds gross, but it has 65 vitamins and minerals in it," Lauren says.

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