The Doctor Is In!

Planning on cooking dinner this week? Whatever you do, don’t wash that chicken! Dr. Rich Besser from ABC news stopped to talk about his new book, Tell Me The Truth, Doctor, and he dropped that big truth bomb on Ali. “As soon as that water hits the surface of the chicken, it sprays all over your kitchen,” Dr. Besser warned. “You will find the germs from the surface of your chicken all over your cutting board, your light switches, everything.”

So what DO you do about all the bacteria that cover your raw chicken? “As long as you’re cooking your chicken thoroughly to 165 degrees, it’s gonna kill all of those germs,” he says.

Important health warning out of the way, Ali got down to the really embarrassing stuff—the stuff people are usually to shy to ask their doctors. Namely—should someone be worried if he or she farts too much? What about it they sweat too much? Or not at all?

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