The Life of a Crazy Cat Man

Everyone makes fun of crazy cat ladies, but did you know they come in MALE versions too? Comedian Michael Showalter is a crazy cat man, and he stopped by Daily Shot to tell Ali why we shouldn’t make fun of him and his kind.

Michael emphasized that while he lives with four cats (Billy, Louise, Sally, and Tim) he likes all animals. But what specifically makes him a ‘cat person,’ is his devotion to the species. He doesn’t just care for his indoor cats, he looks after a parade of outdoor cats. “I built some boxes outside for them to live in that I also put heating pads in, and I feed them every day.”

He also volunteers to help strays. After taking a course at the SPCA, he learned how to humanely trap feral cats so they can be neutered, as part of an effort to control New York City’s feral cat population.

Ali asked Michael why cats get a bad rap, and he had no idea. In fact, he explained that a cat man makes a great boyfriend because, “he’s in touch with his sensitive side and knows how to take care of a woman.”

Fans of Michael’s will be familiar with his comedy album, Sandwiches and Cats. Ali asked him which he’d choose if forced to pick between them. To hear his answer to what he called ‘the Sophie’s Choice of questions,’ check out the video!

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