The Secret to Terrence J’s Success? His Mom.

Terrence J, actor and co-anchor of E! News, credits his success to the most important woman in his life: his mom. His new book, “The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom,” is a tribute to the strong upbringing she gave him, despite her start as a single teen mom.

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“I wrote the book as a testament to all single mothers and all mothers period,” he says. Terrence’s book also features motherly wisdom that celebs such as Ludacris and Kevin Hart shared with him.

The magnitude of his mom’s efforts truly hit him on the set of the movie ‘Think Like a Man,’ when he played a character who was a ‘Mama’s Boy.’ As part of his preparation for the film, he started asking his mom questions about her life. ‘You know how you have the relationship with your mom where it’s just your mother? Once I learned about her, it was eye-opening.”

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He says his mom’s best advice about love was ‘to give people their flowers while they’re still living, to not take people for granted, and to just appreciate them while you have them.’

Does she want grandkids? “Not right now,” he jokes, “she wants me to stay focused. She wants another house first!”

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