The Surgery-Free Facelift

Everyone wants to look younger, but did you ever think you could use yoga to make your wrinkles disappear? For Annelise Hagen, a yoga instructor and the author of “The Yoga Face,” the journey was something personal.

“When I hit a certain point in my life, my face started to fall,” she says. “I couldn’t believe it, and I thought ‘why not use yoga to lift my face the way it lifted my butt and my arms and everything else?’”

She designed a program using exercise principles to help lift and tone the muscles in the face, and before long, she was selling out every class. Now, she’s releasing a DVD to expose people all over the country to the latest techniques.

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Annelise’s favorite move is the “lion’s face,” which stretches all of the muscles in the face and increases oxygen flow. Though it looks slightly terrifying, she says the animalistic pose also helps to relieve stress.

Want to get rid of rings around the eyes? Try the “surprise me,” a wide-eyed facial move exposing as much white of the eye as possible. It may make you look like a serial killer, but it’s “really good for correcting bags, sags, and crows feet.”

Are droopy cheeks making you look like a basset hound? Try the “satchmo,” toning the muscles of the cheeks like a saxophone player, moving air from cheek to cheek.

To see some more of Annelise’s moves, including the “psycho prom queen,” check out this episode of Daily Shot.

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