Today's Daily Shot! Romney's Win, Obama's Tunes, and a 13-lb Baby!

What does it mean that Romney killed in the primary in Florida last night? According to Stephanopolus, he's going to be the Republican nominee, but can anyone really count Newt "It's Never Over" Gingrich out? We're not so sure.

If they do end up going head-to-head, count us in the front row for the Mitt Romney vs. Barry Obama sing off! Ali of course gets to the question we all want to ask: Which one do you want serenading you? Oops! Pfizer's little, er, "mess-up" with 1 million packets of birth control pills means that any of you out counting on your monthly dose might need a little backup this month!

Who are the 100 Most Desirable Women in the World? apparently knows and we're betting all of us are on the list. Right, Ask Men? RIGHT?

Last: Who's going to play Ali in the movie of her life? We'll never tell (but she will at the end of the segment)…

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