Trista Sutter: I Was Depressed After Plastic Surgery

The newest season of "The Bachelor" kicks off next week, and Trista Sutter is proof that the dating show can actually end in real love. As the very first "Bachelorette," she met firefighter Ryan Sutter and got married on national television. Now, the couple has two kids and is celebrating 10 years of happy marriage.

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"It can work!" Trista says about the show. She credits the success of their union to openness, laughter, and lots of sex. "We've just learned a lot from each other over the years, and I think we're both open to continuing to learn."

Despite her happy marriage, Trista says she struggled with depression after making the decision to have plastic surgery to correct a droopy eye. She was allergic to her antibiotic and ended up getting sick for weeks afterward. "I went into clinical depression," she says. "I was like a shell of myself. It was horrible."

Trista eventually came out of the tough stage of her life, and she credits gratitude with helping to keep her grounded through good times and bad. Her new book, "Happily Ever After: The Life-Changing Power of a Grateful Heart," shares the lessons she's learned from being thankful for the little things every day.

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