Weird Crime: Why Does It Always Happen in Florida?

As a correspondent for OMG! Insider, Michael Yo is used to keeping up with celebrity news, but he may have another thing coming when Ali quizzes him on current events.

When Michael came to NYC to do a show at the famous comedy club Caroline’s, he stopped by Daily Shot to play a round of “WTF?” (What the ‘Florida,’ that is.) The Sunshine State may be famous for its beautiful beaches and retirement community, but it’s also a hotbed of crazy news stories. Florida’s more absurd crime trends are celebrated in the popular Twitter accounts "Florida Man" (@_FloridaMan) and "Florida Woman,"(@_Flor1daWoman) which post headlines reporting the latest wacky Floridian antics.

Inspired by Florida Man and Florida Woman, Ali reads some strange news stories and asks Michael, "real or fake?"

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Did a Florida woman really get arrested for stealing beef jerky from a Walmart? Michael thinks it's possible. "Everyone wants to steal something," he says. "And beef jerky is good."

One question even prompted Michael to confess a surprising secret about everyone's favorite Golden Girl. "I love Betty White… She's sexual. She's touched me in places before."

Will Michael pass Ali's current events quiz? Watch this episode of Daily Shot and find out.

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