What’s Your Number?

What’s your number? Yes that number, you know the one. The most recent stats from the CDC say that the average woman has about four different sex partners in her lifetime. Which means a lot of women lied when they were talking to the CDC.

Ophira Eisenberg is the author of the new book, “Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way To Monogamy.” She joined Ali to talk about why more is better.

Ophira estimates she slept with around 40 different guys before she met her husband, and it’s not something she’s ashamed of at all. “The average of four is ridiculous,” she says. “That’s a lie. Or I feel bad for you.”

As a young person, Ophira says, “I didn’t know who I was….I think of it like a scientist. You need a large sample size so you can figure out what are the controls, what are the things that didn’t work out, and then you end up with your one specimen.”

Ali asked Ophira about the notion that women should wait a certain amount of time before sleeping with a guy. “I feel like the premise is flawed,” she said, “because the premise is that this is the only way he’ll stay with you.”

For Ali and Ophira’s thoughts on ‘slut-shaming,’ and Ali’s advice on what to do about bad sex, watch the video.