What Annoys Judges the Most

As a county court judge and the personality behind the syndicated series "Supreme Justice With Judge Karen," Judge Karen Mills-Francis has seen and heard just about everything in the courtroom. But there's one thing people do that drives her crazy: "Interrupt me!"

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Over her many years in the judicial system, Judge Karen says the biggest lesson she's learned is that "most people want to be heard. I think that most people feel they're not listened to," she explains. "They're not listened to at home; they're not listened to by their spouses; they're not listened to by their bosses.... They want to have their story told, and I think I let them tell it."

And if you've ever panicked when noticing a jury summons in your mail, Judge Karen says getting out of it isn't that easy, so stop trying. The only ways to be absolved from service are if "you're older than 70 years old ... if you have some debilitating illness, if you're sole proprietor of a business," Judge Karen says.

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