What to Do Before You Define the Relationship

As the author of "Real Love, Right Now," Kailen Rosenberg has a lot to say when it comes to helping people find love, and if you've just started dating someone, she has a few suggestions about what to do before things get too serious.

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Kailen says that before you define the relationship, you should go on "at least 10 cool, authentic dates." While a good dinner and a bottle of wine is a great date for the first week, "the second week, show me who you are," Kailen says. "Let's take a walk, let's go grocery shopping. What you put in your cart says a lot about you."

She also says not to be afraid of meeting friends and family early, even if it seems too soon. "This one usually floors clients of mine, but meet their darn friends and family as soon as possible," she says. "It doesn't mean you're being introduced as the one. See their world — that's a piece of who you are falling in love with, potentially."

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Another important date for getting to know your potential mate? "Road trip," she suggests, to find out what your person is like in the car. Also, "Hit the gym together," she recommends. "You want to see if they have a wandering eye. If there's a disconnect on any level, pay attention."

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