When Should Dogs Wear Coats?

Does your dog bark viciously every time you have company? Dig up your yard? Snap at small children? And does she need to wear a coat when it’s cold? Daily Shot puts your doggie questions to an expert.

While Ali’s dachshund, Daisy, is mostly perfect, she does have a bad habit or two. So Ali invited Justin Silver, celebrity dog trainer and the owner of the pet care company The Language of Dogs, to Daily Shot for some free advice.

Daisy behaved impeccably on air, but Ali told Justin that she barks her little face off whenever a guest comes to visit. Justin explained that this is a dog’s way of announcing to you that someone is in your territory. To get her to stop, he suggested that Ali let Daisy bark once or twice, then lead her over to a dog bed and reward her with a treat.

And as for dog coats, Justin uses what he calls ‘The 40-Degree Rule.' If you’ve got a short-haired dog, it’s under 40 degrees outside, and your dog is shivering, by all means put on a coat.

Some of our viewers asked what to do when a dog digs compulsively, or when she plays a little too rough with kids. Those answers, and more, are in the video!