Why Do Men...?

Why do men do the things they do?  Why are they obsessed with video games and fantasy sports?  Why do they love terrible bands?  Why do they read on the toilet?  Ali gets to the bottom of some of the most mysterious male behavior with Roger Hailes of the Yahoo! Show, Mansome.
Roger was more than happy to be the unelected spokesman for men everywhere. A main motivator for men, he says, is to be able “to participate in something without actually doing it.” Roger estimates that, after a few months of playing something called ‘Assassin’s Creed,’ (which is something called a ‘video game’) he’d be a really excellent “high level assassin.”
As for why they read on the toilet, Roger says the more important question is, “Why DON’T women read on the toilet.”
Ali also wondered why men grunt at the gym.  The answer to that one is apparently simple:  because people grunt when we try.  Roger tried to convince Ali that women do it too, but his only concrete example was Wimbledon.
After a few more enlightening explanations, Ali’s big epiphany about men is, “You’re just disgusting cavemen that have not evolved through evolution the way that women have.”
So is she just being a big sexist?  Have a look at her chat with Roger and decide for yourself!