Work Wife vs Real Wife

Sure, Ali may cook her husband's dinner, remind him to pick up the kids, and wake up with him at 2am when he gets up for work. But once George Stephanopoulos is at the Good Morning America studio, he's got another lady all up in his business: Lara Spencer.

Lara's been George's GMA co-anchor since 2011, and sits to his left at the anchor desk every morning. She gets a rare glimpse of what he does behind the scenes, during commercial breaks, and once the show is over. She's his work wife.

So when Lara came all the way across Times Square to talk about her HGTV show, Flea Market Flip, Ali decided to challenge her to a round of Work Wife vs Real Wife. Lara asks Ali five questions about George to test her Stephanopoulos Trivia, and vice versa.

Among the amazing revelations: the first thing George does when GMA is over, his guilty office pleasure, the one food he absolutely detests…and the Broadway musical that made him cry. Also: what you can expect on this season of Flea Market Flip! (Which has nothing to do with George but is also highly entertaining.)

So who knew the most? And who learned more than she bargained for? Watch the video and find out! Also, for more Lara Spencer, check out Flea Market Flip on HGTV, Fridays at 9p Eastern!