Danielle Bradbery Wins 'The Voice': 5 Reasons Why We Love Her

Move over Taylor Swift - there's a new sweetheart in town!

Danielle Bradbery made history on Tuesday night, singing her way into the hearts of viewers and coaches to become the youngest-ever winner of "The Voice." At the tender age of sixteen, the blonde beauty has gone from complete unknown to musical mega-star, capturing the hearts of viewers and winning audiences with her sweet manner and shy smile.

While Danielle celebrates her big win, here are five reasons why we love her - and her incredible voice.

She Put the "Real" Back in Reality Television

We want to think that reality "stars" are ordinary people, living ordinary lives, when they're plucked from nothingness and catapulted to overnight fame. While the first three "Voice" winners were all professionals with industry experience, Bradbery was a complete ingenue. Until her mom secretly signed her up for the audition, Danielle was a shy teenager singing into her bedroom mirror, and she'd never performed for an audience. In short, she had the perfect dream-come-true moment, which is what reality TV should be about.

She Gave Viewers a Feel-Good Ending

After a season's worth of stellar performances, Danielle capped the finale with happy tears and many hugs for coaches and contestants. Looking wonderfully surprised and happy, she sang only part of her victory song, "Born to Fly," before succumbing to tears, offering viewers a perfect - and perfectly sweet - end to an outstanding competition.

She's Extremely Talented

The show is called "The Voice," so no heartwarming backstory would ever make up for an inability to sing. Fortunately, Danielle never disappointed in the vocal talent department, delivering consistently flawless performances despite her inexperience. With a voice reminiscent of Carrie Underwood's, she tackled hits like "Heads Carolina, Tails California" and wowed every time.

She's Likable and Relatable

Aside from her girl-next-door sweetness, one of the most touching aspects of Bradbery's performances was her wide-eyed vulnerability. On occasion, she managed to look just like we would if standing in her shoes: absolutely terrified. Her realness made her relatable, and she touched viewers and music fans with her realness and easy-going personality.

She's Got Star Sparkle

In addition to her winning personality, Danielle happens to be cute as a button, perfectly embodying the young, hip, easily-marketable look of a certain bubblegum-chewing pop princess. Pretty as she is, Bradbery also has a bit of young Taylor Swift going on, with her starry-eyed look and unmistakable sparkle. This winning combination bespeaks a long and lucrative career, and fans should expect to see much more of Danielle in the years to come.