Should You Date an Ex-con?

Thinking about dating an ex-con? Before you do, get the answers to five key questions about him. They are ones that will help you determine if the man of dreams can be a loving partner.

Why did he go to jail?

Don't be a fool. Find out the truth about your beau's incarceration. Ask him, his mother and neighbors why he went to jail. Then, decide if you can handle dating a man with his type of criminal past. Use your common sense. Child molesters, rapists and murderers normally have psychological disorders that are hard for them to overcome and manifest the entirety of their lives.

How long was he away?

Did your new love interest spend six months or 20 years in prison? You should opt to date an ex-con who has not spent most of his youth or adulthood in jail. These kinds of men are normally institutionalized and can't handle "freedom". Regardless of whether or not they return to jail, their minds still have bars around them. Only Jesus and a team of behavioral specialists can help them readapt to modern society.

Are all of his friends criminals?

Often, our friends are a reflection of us. So, if your potential new boyfriend only pals around with criminals, he has not let go of his past. He still dabbles in illegal activity and eventually will go back to the slammer. Do yourself a favor. Avoid dating him until he changes his friends and get serious about becoming a law-abiding citizen.

Does he reminisce about his past?

You should never date an ex-con who reminisces constantly about his past. His behavior is either a sign of someone who can't move forward or yearns for the 'good' old days. Either way, you will soon tire of hearing the sordid details of petty (or serious) crimes and prison activities. Only open yourself up for romance with an ex-con that focuses on the present with clarity and hope.

Has he acclimated back into society?

Does the ex-con pursuing you work? Has he fully acclimated himself back into society in such a way that only his old associates know about his criminal past? An ex-con who strives for 'normalcy' is usually a good catch. He understands how one bad decision can lead to trouble. As a result, he appreciates the daily drudgery that people who have never been incarcerated take for granted.

Ready to give a new acquaintance the green light or the boot? You should consider dating an ex-con when he's proven to you he's a new man. Everyone makes mistakes and some guys really do deserve a second chance.