My Day: A Day in the Life of a Mother of Two

Wake up. Roll over. Go back to sleep for 10 minutes. Get out of bed. It's 5 a.m.

I go downstairs to get my husband's lunch ready and send him off to work with a kiss. After making a pot of coffee for myself I pour a cup, sit down at my desk, peruse Pinterest, and write a paragraph or two in my journal. All of this in complete silence. It's the most peaceful part of my day.

I hear the pitter patter of tiny feet. "Mommy!" a little voice calls from upstairs. I quietly make my way up the steps, trying to tread lightly so as not to wake the baby, and get my two year old dressed. As we head downstairs, I hear cooing. The baby is awake. I quickly get a cup of milk and some breakfast for my toddler, then go upstairs to change and feed the baby. By this time, my toddler is finished with her food and wants to play. She usually gets bored around 9:30.

We only have one running vehicle right now, and money has been very tight because we just moved to a new town, two hours away from our friends and family because of a job transfer. The small town we live in is full of sidewalks, and we can walk to the library, the park, and the grocery store, but since it's been 20 degrees every day this week, we have been stuck at home. I haven't left the house in four days.

I have, out of necessity, come up with ideas to keep my daughter from going crazy on cold days like today. Some days, I give her several pipe cleaners and let her bend them and stick them into the holes in a colander. She calls it her "game." She loves cooking, so we make lunch together, and sometimes we make "special" snacks if she's really bored. Today, we made corn dog muffins, and she helped by putting the liners in the muffin pan and put the cut-up hot dogs into the cornmeal batter. She has been excited to eat the food she helped to prepare.

Today while the children are napping, I will fold the laundry, clean the kitchen, and watch Downton Abbey on Netflix. Sometimes I crochet or sew if I have a chance after doing all necessary chores. I even sell my items on Etsy with a friend. Completing a craft project keeps me busy and gives me a purpose when I feel like nothing I do is ever done.

After nap-time, the day seems to drag on as I prepare dinner, my husband comes home, and we get the kids fed and put to bed. Then it's time to relax and wind down before we go to bed ourselves. But then, half an hour after I finally doze off, the baby wakes up and wants to eat... and pretty soon my day will start all over again.