My Day: Love and Hope from a Single Mommy in Chicago

I wake up to the sound of my 5:30 a.m. alarm; I sluggishly roll out of bed and dream of sleeping longer. The more I wake up, though, the more energized and excited I become to hear my sweet two-year-old girl repeatedly calling, "Where's Mama?" At this point, my day has been made, but I continue on, and hope for more simple moments to overwhelm my heart with love.

Deciding on breakfast is one of my favorite parts of my day, because I get to cook with my sweet girl. I like to pretend she is helping so much as she stirs the pancake batter with her tiny spoon, and laugh as she accidentally slings the batter onto the counter. It's even cuter when she tries to clean it up while proclaiming she's "helping mama clean."

Between working at home, cleaning, playing, running errands and teaching my daughter, our day is packed! We hop in the car and head to Barnes and Noble. Although we practically live there, each time is just as exciting as the last. On our way there, we take a detour to see all of the artwork in the Rogers Park area. My daughter loves to ask a thousand questions about it. Okay, so maybe more like 50 questions, but it's entertaining to hear her tell me the opposite of what I say is right. And although it's nice to see community work, it is startling to notice the amount of businesses that have shut-down in the neighborhood on our drive.

I spend some time at Barnes and Noble, contemplating how we can help make the community better, and carry the hope for Chicago as I socialize with other moms there.

After lunch, we head home for a much needed nap for my daughter, and of course, work for me.

When my daughter finally awakes, we make dinner, and then I spend the rest of the evening carrying the phone around, so she can talk to her dad while she plays. At that moment, her day is complete, and I end it longing for the next.