My Day: Normal Day in an Extraordinary Life

"Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy…"

Not exactly. Sounds pretty impressive though - if you're Ke$ha. If we are describing my morning, it's probably more like Bruno Mars:

"Today I don't feel like doing anything…"

Mornings are not my thing. I wish they were, and I've tried to make them, but it just won't stick.

This brings me to my 10:00 (or 10:30) wake up time and 11:00 (or 11:30) arrival at work. I'm lucky that my work is flexible, which certainly does not help fix my not-a-morning-person problem. Since it's just my boss and me in our office, work is usually stress-free and organized fun, but productive. Working with people from other countries has expanded my world so much in the past three years that I'm thankful every day to have such a well-rounded job. I've met people from different countries and continue to have chances to talk with them and visit to explore different cultures, and then pass them on back in America. Makes me think of Michael Jackson:

"We are all a part of God's great big family. And the truth, you know, love is all we need…"

Five o'clock comes and it's not the end of my day. The next hour is a quick rush of getting home to change and then getting across town by 6:00 p.m. to coach at volleyball practice. After years of being a volleyball player, coaching has shown me that I can continue to do what I love. My group of 14 year olds work hard, improve, and keep me smiling (most of the time) through practices, and the amount of satisfaction from seeing them have fun and improve can pick me up any day. Think old-school Jock Jams:

"Jump to the rhythm, jump, jump to the rhythm, jump!"

On my way home from practice, I'm thinking about two things: dinner and my fiancé. Usually we don't see each other on these long days until nighttime, and seeing him as I walk in the door always makes me smile. No matter if it's dinner like tonight - frozen pizza and Kroger sushi - or a sit down meal, being able to walk in and kiss him after hours of being away feels perfect. It's like when Grand Funk Railroad says:

"I don't need, a whole lots of money. I don't need a big fine car. I got everything that a [wo]man could want, I got more, than I could ask for…"

At night, we catch up on some current shows we like to watch, including "Elementary," "Big Bang Theory," "The Mentalist," and the simplicity of the moment when we are cuddling close together is my favorite part of the day.

End: N'SYNC (I'm a 90s girl; they will forever be on my playlists.)

"And I will take you in my arms, and hold you right where you belong. Every word I say is true… this I promise you…"