How to Deal with the Other Woman: Offense is the Best Defense

The "Other Woman" is rarely a femme fatale. She could be the stay at home mom next door, the conservative seeming co-worker or the average looking bar fly. This article in no way promotes the misconception that all affairs are the result of the deceitful 'other woman' chasing the helpless married man. But it is a sad fact that there are women out there who prefer dating a committed man and even married women who want affairs with other married men. Getting a man to have an affair that has always been faithful can be an ego boast for these types. In cases such as these, offense is the best defense.

Keep Your Enemies Closer

We have all heard this cliche but it never rings truer than in this situation. If your boyfriend or husband has nothing to hide, they will not think a thing of you befriending the girl. She will not resist because it would be counterproductive to getting him to think of her as an innocent party with no intentions. Do not make the mistake though of thinking you're safe cause of your friendship. Keep it in your head that this is all about making sure that she is not woman enough to take your man. Women like this will not think twice about stabbing you in the back and then crying to your face about how sorry they are. The biggest bonus with this is that you can keep your eye on things more without it looking like that is what you are doing.

Resist the Urge to Confide

No matter how much you want to stop her from trying something on your boyfriend or husband, you will not be able to if she set her sights on him. Do not, under any circumstances "confide" in her about the bad things he does or problems in your relationship. You might see it as getting her to not want him anymore but all you'd be doing is giving her additional ammo. One main tactic of these types is to point the troubles between the two of you and if there isn't any to plant the idea in your guy's head that there is. If you give her actual examples, you're only making one of her most important steps a lot easier. Remember that offense is the best defense when it comes to a preying mistress, never give her a play to use.

If the Offense Isn't Good Enough

If something does happen you can pull the "friend" card on her. Sympathize with her, say that you know how your husband can be and tell her that she owes you the truth cause your "friends". She will not resist the temptation to be able to gloat, all the while pretending how bad she feels for you. Egg her on to put all of the blame on your man. Sometimes, this is the only way to get him to see her for who she really is. After he realizes that she is putting all of the heat on him, he'll soon quit defending her or their friendship. If your husband or boyfriend is otherwise a faithful man, it really might make your relationship better in the long run. He'll learn the signs and personalities of these types of women and not fall into the trap again. If after all of it he still has feelings for the one who set out to destroy you or continues to have any contact with her at all, it's time for you to cut your losses and go. He either is a cheater at heart or has a really gullible heart. Either way, you'll find yourself constantly trying to figure out how to make sure that she's not woman enough to take your man with every girl that sets her sights on him. No offense, or defense will protect your relationship.