How to decide who should be in the delivery room

When I had my first baby, my husband, the doctor and a nurse were the only others present in the delivery room. As a private person, I wanted to share the experience with my spouse. With the impending arrival of my son, I'm planning to do the same. Here's now to decide who should be in the delivery room.

Level of Comfort

Some people feel comfortable with only their spouse or significant other in the room. Others may want their lifelong best friend or their mother. Some individuals want to share the experience with as many people as possible. In reality, don't worry about offending friends and family members. This is a day you will want to remember. Childbirth is hard enough without feeling stressed out about who is in the delivery room with you.

Amount of People Allowed

Some hospitals may have rules on how many people can be in the room during childbirth. You don't want to invite people without first finding out the hospital's protocol. After all, if you ask five people to come in and then find out only three are allowed, it would be hard to retract the offer. If you are having a C-section, the rules may be different, too.


Do you want to have a tranquil atmosphere or an exciting one? Do you want a lot of people talking to you or do you want to focus on your birthing plan? This all depends on your personality.

Labor vs. Delivery

If you have a long labor, sometimes it's nice to have people visit. However, during the actual birth of the baby, you might want to only have the doctor, other medical professionals and a significant other present.


Since I have a preschooler, I'm not going to have her in the delivery room. Along with being too young, I think she would be a distraction. However, some people think this is an important bonding experience. The age and maturity level should play a factor in your decision. Also, I don't think a child should be forced to be present if he or she doesn't want to be. If you bring the sibling in immediately after the birth, they will still be part of a special moment. Again, some hospitals may have policies about kids in the delivery room.

Having a baby is a beautiful and special experience. However, when it comes time to deliver the baby, choose what is best for you and your family.

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