Decorate your Christmas tree like a pro

Burl Ives had it right. To make your tree stand out like professionally decorated Christmas trees, add silver and …

During the holiday season, picture-perfect Christmas trees in department stores and magazine spreads are a common sight. So how do you get your family Christmas tree to look more glam and less Charlie Brown? Turn your tree into a magazine-worthy living room centerpiece this Christmas, using tips from interior decorating experts. Blending the old with the new, fusing tradition with trendy or bright colors, and even adding bold prints to your decorating scheme can turn your Christmas tree into a statement.

Go wild - It takes a brave decorator to add animal print to a Christmas tree. "Wide ribbon is a decorator's best friend. I personally love copper and brown with a touch of animal print. Animal print is a special surprise, and it blends with most every color. Thinking outside the box with the ornaments, color schemes, and natural elements is what will make your Christmas decor go to the next level," Shelley Herod of Designing Women, LLC tells Yahoo! Shine.

Decorate boldly with color - Traditional red and greens are iconic, as are plaids, but for a more modern touch, decorate with other colors, says Aimee Beatty, an in-house stylist for Pier 1 Imports. "Deep colors and gems combine to add rich beauty to the holidays. The bold colors of the regal peacock - deep teal, citric lime, and shades of metallics - provide a modern twist on the holidays," says Beatty.

Go au natural - "Red and green are traditional but they can be mixed with burlap to give a new look. Combine traditional Christmas decor with the current trends of today. We use a lot of natural elements such as burlap ribbon, live branches, feathers, eucalyptus, and hydrangeas. These update the traditional look and give an element of surprise," explains Herod.

Combine metallics like silver and gold - Burl Ives had it right. Beatty says, "Your holiday will dazzle with elegance thanks to the delightful pairing of silver and gold. These metallic finishes are gorgeous alone, but are also stunning together."

Think beyond the Christmas tree - For a glamorous touch, add dazzle and shine by adding etched hurricanes, mirrored vases, and bronzed florals throughout the home. "Accessorize the rest of the room with pieces that sparkle and shine with beading and beautifully embroidered fabrics and linens," advises Beatty.