Decorate a Halloween costume witch’s hat

Look fabulously spooky with these Halloween ideas

Top a black dress with a pointy black witch's hat and you have an instant costume. However, some decorated witch's hats are so pricey that your quick and practical Halloween costume becomes a major expense. If you decide to go with the cheapest hat that you can find then you'll be one boring witch. Go with one of the following DIY craft options to turn that inexpensive witch's hat into a spectacular, one-of-a-kind hat. These ideas work for kids and adults.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Veiled Witch - Purchase one yard of sheer fabric with a spider web pattern. Fold the fabric in half and then in half again so you have a rough square. Keep the fabric folded and go to the point that is approximately at the middle of the fabric. Cut off that point. Open the fabric and see how this fabric slides over the cone of the hat.

If necessary, refold the fabric and cut the opening so it is bigger (although you should just remove a small amount of fabric each time, otherwise the hole will be too large). If desired, you can hot glue wide ribbon to the hat to hide where the fabric sits at the base of the pointy cone.

Black Rose - Trim artificial black roses so their stems are no more than a couple inches long. Glue the roses around the base of the cone of the hat. Put on the hat to determine the position for one-to-three roses that you will glue in a cluster to the underside of the hat so to frame your face.

Feathered Witch's Hat - Purchase an inexpensive black boa. Add a few inches of fabric glue to the outer edge of the brim of the witch's hat. Attach the boa, holding it to the hat with clothespins or binder clips while the glue dries.

Tulle Pouf - Pin or stitch one end of black tulle near the base of the Halloween witch's hat. Wrap layers of the tulle around the hat and over the brim. Combine this look with some black roses.

Halloween Ideas

Halloween Spiders - You'll need needle and black thread and as many plastic spiders as you'd like. Over the entire hat hold spiders in place with a few stitches. Watch placing too many spiders near the top of the cone as they may weigh on the fabric from an inexpensive hat and make it flop. Hang a few spiders from the underside of the brim. Wrap the thread around the spider's legs, leave a few inches of thread and then knot to the brim of the hat.

Raven Halloween Costume - Look for an inexpensive and lightweight crow or raven decoration. Glue or stitch the bird to the hat, close to the point where the cone of the hat and the brim come together. Combine this look with a veil or a feathered boa.

Bones and Bats - Look for lightweight bones and plastic bats. Glue or stitch to the crown of the inexpensive black hat.

Kids and adults can turn that inexpensive but boring witch's hat into a fabulous look with a few additions that will still keep the cost well below that of some store-bought Halloween witches' hats.

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