Decorate a round table in almost every room

Any room in the house can benefit from the placement of a small round table. They don't take up a lot of space, they're decorative and functional, and create a hidden spot to store clutter. So, whether you're looking for a suggestion on how to decorate a table in a specific area of the home, or need a general idea for decorating a round table, we've got simple, affordable ideas that will work for you.

Decorate a round table for daily living:

A skirted round table has a classic look that is always in style. It's also a functional way to add storage space. Use the hidden area beneath the table to store extra linens, photo albums, clutter, or any number of items out of sight. They're great to have in the bedroom, foyer, den, or just about anywhere in the house! When decorating a table with a skirt, remember to keep these size guidelines in mind:

- A 24" table will require a 72" table skirt

- A 30" table will require a 90" table skirt

- A 36" table will require a 96" table skirt

Decorate a round table in the guest room:

When decorating an inviting guest room, it's the small things that matter most. Provide a decorative round table beside the bed and decorate it with fresh flowers, a vintage clock, and a small assortment of fragrant soaps. These small touches will make guests feel comfortable and welcome. Find out more secrets of decorating an inviting guest room.

Additional tip - When decorating a table that isn't skirted or covered, consider topping the surface with a round mirror. This is an affordable way of protecting it and keeping the table top from becoming scratched or damaged.

Decorate a round table in the entryway:

A small round table is a great object to have in the entryway, as it serves as a decorative focal point and a functional spot to drop keys, loose change, and other small items. Purchase an inexpensive round table kit from any department store for around $20. Assemble it in a snap and then paint it with a durable coat of textured spray paint. It's so easy to do, and you'll instantly get the rich look of stone.

For a more colorful approach, cover the table top with a bold pattern wallpaper. Be sure the colors in the wallpaper coordinate with that of the entryway paint.

Decorate a round table in the living room:

Place the table in a corner of the room so that walking space isn't compromised. Cover the table with a plain colored tablecloth (made for a round table), and then top it with any of the following:

- A table runner laid across the top. Allow the long sides to hang to the ground. Top the table with a green plant or fresh flowers.

- Top the table with an heirloom quilt or blanket, gathering the excess fabric at the back. Tie in place with raffia or heavy-duty ribbon.

- Gather a few yards of pretty tulle and tie one giant bow at the front of the round table.

Additional methods of decorating a table:

If you're a crafty person, you can forget the table skirt idea and try these additional methods of decorating a table instead:

- Cover the table top with colorful mosaic tiles.

- Paint the table a solid color and add decorative stenciling to the top.

- Know how to decoupage? Add a bit of Victorian flair to your table by adding decoupage to the tabletop.

- Glue colorful beads, decorative stones or rocks, a variety of buttons, or other craft embellishments to the round tabletop.

- Create a unique piece of home d©cor by hot gluing seashells, sea glass, starfish, and sand dollars to the table.

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