Decorate terra-cotta pots for your holiday party table

Each holiday season finds many people looking for different and creative ways to decorate their tables for parties and family gatherings. You may be one of those people who scour department stores and craft bazaars looking for just the right centerpiece or floral swag to go with your holiday tablecloth and dinnerware. To save yourself some shopping time and money, consider making holiday mint and candy bowls using inexpensive small terra-cotta pots. Besides being economical to make, you can decorate them to fit your particular décor.

Items needed to make holiday terra-cotta candy bowls

-Several three-inch terra-cotta pots

-Acrylic paints (assorted colors)

-Assorted paintbrushes

-Craft glue

-Mod Podge

Optional items:


-Holiday rubber stamps and ink

-Stickers or decals



Making the holiday terra-cotta candy bowls

Clean all dirt and debris from the terra-cotta pots. Ensure there are no cracks or chips. Apply a coat of single color paint, such as red, to the out and inside of each pot. To add variety to your table, paint each one a different holiday color. Let the paint dry and then apply a second coat and let it dry.

NOTE: You may want to paint the pots in colors that coordinate with the type of candy or mints that will be placed in them. My terra-cotta pots will be filled with red and white peppermints so I painted the pots red and then used white paint to create swirls that resemble peppermints.

Next, decide on the design you want to put on the outside of the pots. You may want to do a freehand design, use holiday stickers, decals, or rubber stamps. Whatever design and method you choose, be sure to make it bright and festive. If you want to fill your pots with old-fashioned Christmas candy, consider painting ribbons of white, blue, green, and red on the sides. Let all paint dry thoroughly.

Cover the terra-cotta pots inside and out with two coats of Mod Podge, letting each coat dry between applications. To add a little holiday sparkle to your pots, sprinkle a little glitter on the outside before the last coat of Mod Podge dries.

When all has completely dried, cut out a circle from the felt to glue to the bottom of the terra-cotta pots. This will prevent possible scratches to your dining table.

The last thing to do is fill your pots with delicious, individually wrapped candy.

Variation: Place a paper doily inside the pots, ensuring sides are covered, and fill with your own homemade candy.

Source: Crafts Class

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