Decorating a beautiful purple bedroom

The color purple is a beautiful shade to use when decorating a bedroom, as it lends itself well to many different design themes. A soft shade of purple paint helps create a tranquil backdrop for a young girl's room, tween or teen age, or even an adult or couple bedroom. A darker shade of purple will certainly set a more dramatic tone that can be used to decorate a bedroom for just about anyone. Here we'll look at the "how-to's" of decorating a beautiful purple bedroom.

Choosing a shade of purple paint -- The first step in decorating a purple bedroom is to choose the best shade possible for your walls. This will give your room a colorful canvas to work around. Which shade of purple will work best for you? Some to consider include lighter shades of lilac, orchid, lavender, plum, violet, iris and orchid. Tip: It's always better to select lighter colors for walls, as they will help open up a room and give it a larger appearance. Save the darker colors to be used on bedding and accent pieces. Need help choosing the right paint color? Use any of these virtual decorating tools to see what a color will look like on the walls before you paint!

Colors that coordinate with purple -- Once you have your purple bedroom painted, you can begin selecting bedding, window treatments, artwork, and other accents to place in your pretty purple room. For obvious reasons, you don't want every single thing in the room to be purple. It will look like a Barney the Dinosaur nightmare! Instead, use objects with colors that will coordinate and complement your purple bedroom. These colors include:

  • Pink. When pink and purple are used together, it creates a totally feminine. and very chic, look.
  • White. A purple bedroom with white accents is sophisticated, feminine, and tranquil.
  • Black. A black and purple bedroom is contemporary when designed with clean, straight lines.
  • Silver. Silver and purple has a monochromatic feel that is modern and sleek.
  • Brown. A fairly new color combination that we've been seeing is purple and brown. It's earthy, and can be worked in to a unisex room fairly well.
  • Blue. Blue and purple together create a very modern icy decor theme. Learn more about how to decorate with an icy mix.
  • Red. The color red is a spicy complementary color to use with purrple. The two are commonly seen used in a Moroccan or Middle Eastern themed room. Learn more about how to decorate with a spicy mix.

Best accents to use in a purple bedroom

Anytime you decorate a bedroom, you want to spend great care deciding what type of materials will work best with your design theme. In a purple bedroom, various accents will work particularly well. Here are our recommendations:

  • Wicker. White wicker furniture is a peaceful accompaniment to a purple bedroom. It's casual, simple, and will be suitable for virtually any decor theme.
  • Reflective materials. If your purple bedroom has a contemporary theme, implement an array of reflective materials to your decor. This can include mirrors, glass, stainless steel accents, and metal curtain rods. A bonus to using reflective materials is that they help make a room look larger.
  • Crystal. Dripping crystal chandeliers blend beautifully with the regal tone of the color purple. Since most of us can't afford the cost of an authentic crystal chandelier, a more affordable option is to use magnetic crystals that attach to table lamps, overhead lighting, and the like. You'll get the same look as a crystal fixture, but pay a fraction of the price.
  • Flowing curtains. There's nothing more feminine or romantic than long flowing white curtains. When paired against a peaceful shade of purple, this is especially true. Don't like the idea of having white window treatments? No problem! Opt for a very pale set of lavender or pink sheers instead!
  • Fresh flowers. When decorating a bedroom of any color or design theme, the finishing touch should be fresh flowers. Fresh flowers make any bedroom more inviting, and fill the air with a soothing aromatic scent.

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