Decorating ideas for small, windowless bathrooms

Downstairs bathrooms often have no window, making them cheerless, sunless nooks. And yet this is the toilet your family will use most often because of its convenient location. It is also the bathroom your guests are likely to use. So how can you decorate that windowless bathroom to give it beauty and charm? Here are a few ideas.

Bright lights

Choose bathroom lights with four glass globes or more and powerful light voltage. Then try this trick for intensifying the light: Install the globes facing down instead of up to increase the amount of light shining down on your windowless bathroom.

Large mirror

Many downstairs bathrooms come with a small mirror above the narrow sink. Replace this mirror with a large, beautifully framed mirror to intensify the light in your bathroom and give the illusion that the bathroom is larger.

Elegant beadboard

Consider installing beadboard over the bottom half of your bathroom walls. This stylish wainscoting is easy to install, and it will lend your small bathroom architectural sophistication. Choose white beadboard to save yourself the work of painting it in white. Then you'll only need to paint the floor and chair rail molding above and below the beadboard.

Bright contrast

Now contrast the elegant white beadboard with colors that make a bold statement. Paint your walls in purple for a sophisticated look, lime for a whimsical bathroom, yellow for a sunny one, or earth-tones for a soothing bathroom. And, of course, be sure your doors are painted white as well.

Toilet seat decor

If your toilet bowl and seat are white, leave them as they are, to blend with the rest of the white in your bathroom. But if your toilet bowl is a different color, look for a toilet seat to match it as closely as possible. You may wish to select a decorative toilet seat cover to lend a little charm to your toilet, which will stand out because of its different color. You can also spray paint an elegant pattern on the toilet seat cover, such as a Fleur-de-lis, for which you'll find a stencil at a craft store.

Floor decor

Choose the size of your floor cover based on the beauty of your floor. A large bamboo rug can obliterate the presence of a hideous floor. On the other hand, a stunning floor should have no floor cover or just a small one by the sink.

Towel decor

Display your downstairs bathroom towels in an inviting manner. Instead of a towel rack, install a horizontal line of three towel rings and display white hand towels monogramed with a thread that matches the color of your walls. Imagine the beauty of the purple, lime or blue letters against the white towel.

Counter decor

If your counter and sink are modern and beautiful, all you have to do is keep them shiny and clean and they will look stunning. But if your counter looks old, chipped or worn, consider repainting it. Watch this video of a homeowner applying a simple faux painting technique to a laminate bathroom countertop with astonishing results.

Toiletry dishes

Keep your toiletry dispensers simple and elegant. Stainless steel conveys a modern elegance that will match a modern faucet. If you have a different metal finish to your faucet, match your dispensers to it for a harmonious look. To pamper your family and guests have one soap dispenser and one body lotion dispenser.

Complete your bathroom decor

Add a slim flower vase with flowers that match your walls, such as lilacs for your purple bathroom or tulips for an orange one. Quality silk flowers work just as well, but keep them well-dusted or the illusion will be shattered.

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