Decorating mistakes pet owners make

Living with three cats and finding decor that works for both human and feline can be daunting. Derby flosses on blind cords, while Trooper hacks up hairballs on couches and rugs. Violet is still a kitten and into everything. Sharing a home with pets is a lesson in compromise, but your furnishings can still be stylish. Investing in tasteful, pet-friendly pieces and accommodating the needs of your pet is the best way to avoid decorating mistakes.

Settling for Sloppy Furnishings

It is embarrassing, but I held on to a stinky, stained, fawn-colored sectional, because I did not know how to replace it. Leather is susceptible to scratches. Silk, chintz, chenille, and velvet get too furry, dirty, and stained. Upgrade furniture with pets in mind by choosing fabric in darker colors, patterns, and textures. Microfiber and Crypton Super Fabrics are stain resistant and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Mismanaging Messy Cords

My cat once chewed through and swallowed the cords of several sets of blinds, rendering them useless, and leaving her with a stomachache. Protect window treatments and your pet by going cordless and choosing durable materials. Roman, bamboo, and wood shades are attractive options. Additionally, keep electrical cords tidy by bundling them in tubing and using covered surge protectors.

Overlooking Walls and Floors

No matter how clean your home is, dirty floors and walls make a shabby impression. Carpeting absorbs odors and soaks up stains. Stick with hardwood, tile, vinyl flooring, and inexpensive rugs that can be easily traded out. Cats like to rub against walls, leaving dirty looking smudges. Repaint with satin or eggshell finishes which are easier to wipe clean than flat-finish paint

Displaying Breakables

Store that pretty vase out of reach and secure with double-sided tape. Your pet will not understand that it is a family heirloom. "When accessorizing, think about the path that your pet walks though rooms, about where Kitty jumps or climbs, think about being at their level and what would look fun to play with," advises The Livable Home, makers of pet-friendly furniture.

Avoiding Pet Furniture

Some may call incorporating pet furniture a mistake, but your pet will be less likely to cause damage to furniture if he has his own. From one of a kind scratching posts to luxurious dog beds, there are many chic options available to complement any style.


Personal Experience

"Live the Pet Friendly Life."

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