Decorating your work space for Christmas without annoying coworkers

Being as Christmas decorations are starting to line the shelves, there are some who are already decorating their work space for Christmas. Regardless of how excited you are for the holiday, you want to make sure not to be one of those people; you know, the ones who have every single inch of their cubicle or office covered in twinkle lights, flashing signs, and giant wreaths while they blast Christmas carols. You don't want all your festive décor to interfere with work or upset your coworkers. If you want to start decorating your office for the holidays, there are several low key decorating options that will help you get and stay in the Christmas spirit without upsetting those around you.

Put up a table top Christmas tree

Unless you have a huge office, there's no need to get a large Christmas tree. Instead, purchase a table top Christmas tree that you can put on top of your desk or cabinet. Some come already pre-decorated, but if you'd rather do it yourself, there are several small decorations that will fit perfectly.

Make your computer a decoration

Change the desktop picture on your computer, as well as your screen saver to something Christmas themed. Another option is to wrap a ribbon or strand of garland around the face of the computer. It'll make it more cheerful to use.

Put out Christmas candy

Christmas candy, such as candy canes, round peppermint candies, or foil-wrapped chocolate, often serves as decoration. Put a bowl of them on your desk, and it's almost certain your coworkers are going to be happy to take some of it off your hands.

Put lights around your window

If you're lucky enough to work next to a window, put a strand of lights around it. However, if your coworkers can see them, make sure you're not using blinking lights. Some people absolutely cannot stand them, and it could lead to a distraction.

Wrap one large spot in your cubicle

There are some who wrap absolutely everything in their cubicle, from the cubicle walls down to the desk. This is going a bit overboard and looks more like an office prank than décor. Choose only one spot to decorate and avoid doing the entire space.

Add a stocking

Put a little stocking on the inside of your cubicle or even on the outside of it. As a nice gesture, you may even want to pick up one each for those in your office who celebrate Christmas, so they could add a little decor to their work space. Check the dollar store for Christmas stockings that won't cost a fortune.

Wrap up your small office items

Rather than use your plain pen holder, stapler, paper tray, and any other small office items, decorate them for the holiday. Cover them up with wrapping paper to make them look a little more festive.

Before you even start bringing in decor, first find out what the office policies are as far as decorating is concerned. For example, some employers may have no problem if you add a little Christmas tree, but won't be happy if you add a sheet of wrapping paper onto the wall of your cubicle. Even though it's your space, you also want to take your coworkers into consideration. You don't want to create problems in the office because of some decorations. There are still ways you can express your love of the holiday without upsetting all those around you.

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