Decorating with symmetry the easy way

Tips for decorating in pairs

Do you want to know the easy way for decorating and accessorizing a room with classic good looks and charm? It's using symmetry at its finest. Not only does decorating symmetry bring balance, order and a sophisticated look to a space - it can make your job easy by using items in pairs instead of having to find a greater number of single items to fill your real estate. From decorating a mantle to bringing in guest seating, symmetry can make your project shine. Let me show you how.

• Mantles and Shelves

Nowhere do I see more examples of perfect decorating symmetry than on fireplace mantles - like two tall vases or candlesticks on either end of a mantle piece or a pair of matched sculpture lion dogs. Likewise, shelves lend themselves nicely to symmetrical accessories which give a neat, clean presentation within a space boasting formal good looks. Even if your decorating items aren't expensive, an easy balance of two stacks of books or a couple of pumpkins in the fall form a perfect symmetry that pleases the eye on contact.

• Artwork and Wall Hangings

Hanging artwork and other wall accessories like mirrors or sconces also plays well in a symmetrical plan with an added bonus. It's often a budget-friendly option to hang two smaller mirrors or paintings over the back of a sofa rather than one large piece. Use symmetry to your advantage when you don't have money for large pieces - it's easy to pair up smaller ones to fill in the blanks.

• Furniture and Screens

Placing furniture sofas, chairs, coffee tables or screens in mirror-image pairs accomplishes two things. First, it can divide, yet balance the area. Second, it brings order to the room for those of us who love neatly, ordered spaces. Anchor the corners of a room with two tall screens or a set of matching cabinets. Flank a fireplace, sofa or window with a pair of chairs or use two coffee tables instead of a larger unit. Let symmetry work its magic for you.

• Lighting

When you're thinking in pairs, don't neglect symmetry in your lighting options. It's easy to use two lamps in the living room or on either side of the bed. But, don't forget to look up - a pair of chandeliers over your dining room table makes a stunning statement. Yes, indeed - in many ways, two can be better than one.

Although the love of symmetry may be a matter of personal taste, there's no arguing that it makes for good and easy design choices. Check out the pictures and the inspiration for this article in the Symmetry ideabook on Houzz. You're sure to find an easy idea you'll want to use to adorn your home in perfect pairs.

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