6 Stylish (and Surprising!) Ways to Declutter Your Home

Organizing your home isn't as overwhelming or boring as it sounds. There are plenty of cute and clever ways to clear the clutter in the kitchen, organize your jewelry, and arrange your medicine cabinet. Here are eight ideas to help punch up your organizing efforts this spring.

Hang Things on the Insides of Kitchen Cabinet Doors
If your kitchen is crowded with gear and gadgets and you think you've maximized space, think again. You probably haven't taken advantage of the inside door of the cabinets! Throw a few hooks up and you can hang measuring cups there. Or if you have metal cups and spoons you'd like to stash for easy access, attach two magnet bars inside the door and just pop on the pieces. Plastic utensils can be hung with wood strips and hooks to hang them.

Use a Lazy Susan to Cure Kitchen Counter Clutter
|One quick and cheap way to de-clutter your countertop of often-used ingredients, such as salt and pepper shakers, vinegar, olive oil, honey, sugar packets, honey, tea, toothpicks-anything small that clutters up your counter-is employing a Lazy Susan. There are many affordable stainless steel options that start under $20. Throw all your must-reach stuff on there and your cooking essentials are a quick spin away.

Create a Shoe-in for Shoe Organizing
Anyone with kids knows shoes are commonly strewn within every possible walkway. To encourage organization, create a pebble tray: Place a boot tray by your front door (Target has some great inexpensive ones) and fill with small pebbles from your local nursery or garden center. Not only will it help keep dirty and wet shoes off your carpet, it's totally charming! Add a "shoe bin" next to the tray and everyone can toss their shoes in there if there's no room on the tray.

Magnetize Your Medicine Cabinet
You can maximize the tight space in your bathroom cabinet by utilizing magnets. Sound crazy? It's actually fairly simple. Hit up your local hardware store and ask them to cut a piece of galvanized metal to fit the back of your cabinet. Attach the metal with double-sided adhesive or caulk. Once it's ready to go, add magnet hooks for scissors or razors and little magnet spice canisters for your hair elastics or cotton balls.

Show Jewelry in a Shadowbox
Why should your gorgeous turquoise necklace and stunning garnet earrings stay tucked away in a jewelry box? Showcase your pretty baubles in a shadow box instead. It will keep your necklaces and earrings from tangling while also adding some sparkle to your bedroom. Prefer to keep your jewelry out of sight? Fill a dresser drawer with teacups and saucers for an elegant way to sort and store your jewelry.

Create Desk Organizing Containers
If you're losing the ongoing battle of keeping your desk clean, here's a charming way to win the fight: use old paint cans as containers. Sort mail and your favorite catalogs or store pens and pencils in cleaned-out, labeled paint cans. For extra flair, paint each can a different color.

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