8 Creative Fall Table Settings

Set a beautiful table with seasonal touches plucked from nature

Timeless place settings

Rather than purchase season-specific tableware and decorations, simply accent what you already have.

Pair natural-toned ceramics with assorted silverware and everyday glassware.

Adorn napkins with name cards, herbs, and a ribbon for a dash of holiday color.

Repurposed wrappings

Small guest gifts can be wrapped in brown shopping bags or Kraft paper (sold at craft stores), then embellished with colorful patterned paper remnants.

Pomegranate placecard

Print a name on a pomegranate in gold.

The rich red color and hard texture of the pomegranate make it the perfect fruit to write on. Use permanent or liquid ink in gold, silver, or black.

Children's crafts

At the kids' table, recycled paper makes great restaurant-style placemats. Personalized sets of crayons invite the kids to have fun.

Pear placecard

Attach a metal plant tag to stem fruit.

The tags, available from garden stores, turn fruits with stems into instant place-setters. Cut the tag to size, then write the name on it with a black permanent marker.

Harvest candle

Put a small glass hurricane inside a larger one with about a ¼-inch space between and slipped in wheat. Place a candle in the center (be sure your candle is shorter than the height of the inner glass).

Hazelnut placecard

Cut a slit in a chestnut for a placecard.

Use a craft knife to make the cut. Silver ink reads well on dark brown paper, and scalloped scissors give the card a decorative edge.

Leaf placecard

Write a name on the back of a magnolia leaf.

Use a pen with white or silver ink. The leathery texture of the leaf complements table linens. Coordinate the napkin color.

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