Easy DIY Wintry Snowflake Wreath

Wed, Dec 18, 2013 4:36 PM EST - Long, slender pinecones, such as those of a white pine, work best for this new take on a Sou…

  • Set yourself up for success in the new year.

    New Year's resolutions should be ambitious, but make them too lofty and you'll set yourself up for failure. Give these mini goals a try this year and get ready for big results.

    1. Organize your mornings.
    Resolve to make one positive change to your morning routine. You could run a load of laundry, make a better breakfast, get up earlier, or exercise, for example.

    2. Organize your days.
    The new year deserves a new calendar, so get one calendar or planner you really like and stick to it. There are three simple habits that make this work:

    • Write everything relevant into your calendar as soon as possible.
    • Start each day looking at your schedule.
    • End each day looking at it again to make sure you're ready for tomorrow.

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    3. Organize your weeks.
    Just 15 minutes of planning once a week will make a huge difference in time savings and smooth sailing. Decide what's for dinner with a simple menu plan (five dinner

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  • There's power in paint. When done correctly, a fresh coat of paint will make a room feel clean, cozy, and bright. But a bad paint decision can make a room feel small, busy, or drab. Choosing the right paint color now becomes especially important when you eventually decide sell your home; as some paint colors can turn off potential home buyers, while others can add value. Read on for common mistakes people make when choosing interior paint colors and how to avoid making them yourself. Paint on!

    Mistake #1: Picking colors based on dream furniture, not real furniture
    Interior design magazines are packed with photos of vibrant-colored walls, often paired with a perfectly matching sofa and accessories. And that's the key with bright colors; you have to consider all of the pieces in a space, including the carpet, sofa, curtains, and area rugs, to find a color that ties them all together. Don't get your heart set on a color you see in a magazine if you can't afford to update all of your furnit

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  • World's most expensive wreath (photo: VeryFirstTo.com)

    In case you aren't feeling broke like the rest of us during the holiday gift buying season, the luxury goods website VeryFirstTo.com is offering the ultimate Christmas decoration: a jewel-studded wreath worth $4,645,800. Made to order (yes, the company is expecting multiple buyers), it's encrusted with more than 40 rubies and diamonds totaling a whopping 138.8 carats of bling. The stones include a 17.49-carat vivid red ruby and a 3.03-carat fancy yellow diamond. After the garlands wilt and the carcass of the Christmas goose has long been cleared away, you can remove the jewels to seriously impress your neighbors again next year with another wreath or have the stones made into a custom piece of jewelry. Because everybody needs a little pick-me-up treat after all that holiday stress, right?

    More on Yahoo: House Decorated with Over 450,000 Christmas Lights (PHOTOS)

    Detail of wreath (photo  VeryFirstTo.com)

    The floral and greenery base of the rather traditional-looking wreath is made of hellebore flowers; hedera berries; and laur

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  • If you're not a purple-lover, you will be in 2014. Radiant Orchid is the 2014 Color of the Year, according to Pantone. Stay on trend by browsing our favorite purple-hued spaces for more decorating ideas.

    More from House Beautiful:

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  • Ready, set, clean! (Photo by: Corbis)

    Throwing a party seemed like a fabulous idea three weeks ago, but now you are in a panic because there is less than one hour to go before the doorbell rings. Maybe you were held up at work or got  stuck in traffic. Or perhaps you just procrastinated — whatever the reason, you need to tidy up fast and save a few minutes to spruce yourself up as well. Fortunately, you don't need to deep-clean your home to get it party-ready.

    More on Yahoo: Infomercial Cleaning Products Put to the Test

    "Your kitchen and your bathroom are the most important rooms to tackle when you have guests coming over," Frank Trotta, owner of urbanmaidgreen.com, which was named the best green cleaning service in 2011 by New York magazine, tells Yahoo Shine. "No matter how big your house is, everyone always congregates in the kitchen." Trotta recommends cleaning any shiny surfaces that might catch the eye, including appliances, fixtures, and mirrors. He's also a fan of microfiber cloths—they are miraculous, reusable du

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