How to Add Color to Your Home

By Woman's Day Staff

Pink Sofa, Red Kitchen Chair, Colorful Storage Boxes, Colorful BlanketsPink Sofa, Red Kitchen Chair, Colorful Storage Boxes, Colorful Blankets

Hue knew?
It's easy to move beyond beige, brown and gray with these seven inspiring ideas. Photo credit:;;;

Paint outside the walls.
Though your first instinct may be to use that can of Duchess Rose or Tucson Teal to create a backsplash or an accent wall, remember: There are more than four surfaces in a room. Brush brights onto the floor, ceiling (try it in an entryway) or stair risers, or around your doors and windows (molding doesn't have to be white). Photo credit: Tria Giovan/GAP Interiors
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Treat everything as a canvas.
Peek over, under and inside furniture, fixtures and cabinets to find surprising spots to bring in color. Don't limit yourself to wood, either-you can paint on glass, cast iron and plastic too. Photo credit: Gridley Graves

Go high-gloss.

Shiny pieces really stand out, so use them in place of matte materials such as wood or brushed metal. Try a lacquer side table, ceramic lamp, or acrylic or vinyl kitchen chair to add pizzazz. Fleet chair, $149; Photo credit:
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Change up your textiles.

The easiest way to incorporate the season's "it" colors is with pillows, rugs, curtain panels and throws. They're easy to swap in and out, and you can pick up many for under $40. A few sources for great buys:,, and Room Essentials Chindi Rugs, $20 - $30 each; at Target stores. Photo credit:

Hide snooze-y hues.

Why look at a shelf full of steel paper clips, white cotton balls or wooden utensils when you can house them in eye-catching storage containers? Pick up a fabric-covered magazine holder, a bold tray for your perfume collection or sunny metal canisters for the kitchen counter. Jonathan Adler Small Bins, $12 each; Photo credit:
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Make colorful updates.

Just because you bought something one way doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Trade out the shade on a table lamp (HomeGoods has a great selection for under $20), put cushions on your kitchen chairs (under $5 at IKEA) or add painted wooden legs to your sofa (find many under $10 at Photo credit: Alexandra Rowley

Invest in one dazzling piece.

Though it's tempting to purchase big-ticket items in neutrals, a singular bold choice can make a huge impact. Go ahead and buy that cherry-red dining table, lime-green headboard or cobalt-blue sofa for your living room-just stick to a solid color that you can decorate around for years to come. Karlstad Sofa in in Sivik, $499; Photo credit:
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