Creative Room Dividers

Many things can serve to symbol a change from room to room in a home or apartment with open space. Here are a few creative ones we've seen.

1. Open art work

A custom triptych depicting rhythmic waves was designed to define the living space and serve as a visual punctuation mark.

2. Creative tiling

What appears to be a tile-covered room divider is actually the furnace room.

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3. Changing depth

In lieu of walls, shifting ceiling planes signal transitions. "The living room is a double-height space, and elsewhere there are subtle drops in beams and ceiling heights," says Berman. Further delineating spaces are display elements like open wood shelving and cold-rolled steel panels, the latter doing double duty as a fireplace wall and room divider in the living room.

4. Trellis

The trellis can be a very inexpensive way for you to divide rooms. And with a layer of glossy paint, you can give it a contemporary touch. Add back lighting, and it can create texture in your home, especially at night.

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