Easy Decorating Idea: Embrace Texture

Home decorating is not all about paint colors and expensive furniture, playing with texture is a great way to add unique touches to any room.

Embellish a Classic Piece
The frames of these rectangular mirrors are smartly outfitted in midnight-blue velvet ribbon. Lined up next to one another and hung above a buffet, they add sophistication and catch the light in the room.

Velvet Ribbon How-To
Use a wooden frame and velvet ribbon a bit wider than the frame's width.

1. Make a paper template of one of the frame's sides, mimicking the mitered corners.

2. Paint frame's inner and outer edges in a color similar to that of the ribbon. Cut ribbon slightly longer than the template, and then iron on strips of fusing to the back of the ribbon.

3. With a pencil, trace template onto fusing. Cut out. Repeat for other three sides. Place each ribbon, fusing side down, on frame; with a towel on top, iron on a low setting to adhere.

Bring Nature's Texture Indoors
Birch poles sliced into disks and glued to plywood panels create a graphic wall mosaic and give a entry wall much more visual interest than a painted space would. Get the how-to.

Use in Place of Pattern
Subtler than graphics, textural accents give pillow covers a decorative extra without being distracting. Buy some pillows with various textures or make your own with this easy step-by-step guide.

Choose Textures You Love
Can't live without your favorite pair of jeans? Incorporate the feeling of worn-in denim into your spaces. There are no rules about what texture makes sense and where it belongs. This denim rug would feel soft under bare feet, and it adds a surprisingly plush look to hardwood floors. Find out how to make your own denim crafts.

Use Texture In Unique Ways
While a worn leather chair looks fantastic in a study, seeing a set of bright blue leather place mats at the breakfast table is surprising -- and surprisingly sturdy (given their canvas backing and coating of protective spray). Look for other ways to take conventional fabrics and use them in new ways. To make your own leather place mats, follow this how-to.

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