Egg 'Em On! 5 Ways to Decorate with Plastic Eggs

5 Ways to Decorate with Plastic Eggs5 Ways to Decorate with Plastic EggsThis weekend, I made a unique, colorful wreath out of plastic Easter eggs. Easter decor isn't normally thought of as unique - if you've seen on chick or bunny, you've seen them all. But you can do a lot with something as versatile as an egg. Here are 5 decorating ideas to prove it.

Decoupaged Fabric Eggs Decoupaged Fabric Eggs 1. Decoupaged Fabric Eggs
Decoupaged fabric around plastic eggs isn't just visually appealing. It also adds fun texture to eggs.
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Crocheted Eggs Crocheted Eggs 2. Crocheted Eggs
While a crocheted egg seems like a difficult project, it's not. And these eggs are interesting decorations all year.
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Yarn-Wrapped Egg Wreath Yarn-Wrapped Egg Wreath 3. Yarn-Wrapped Egg Wreath
The textures and colors in this wreath are so fun and interesting. You have the wreath shape, the eggs, and then the texture and color from the wrapped yarn.
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Faux Robin Eggs Faux Robin Eggs 4. Faux Robin Eggs
I love these almost-real robin eggs. They're not hard to make, nor are they as delicate as they look.
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Mod Podge Tissue Paper Eggs Mod Podge Tissue Paper Eggs 5. Mod Podge Tissue Paper Eggs
Now here's a great way to put three spring craft ingredients together into a new and tasty recipe. You'll just need plastic eggs, Mod Podge, and tissue paper - in whatever colors you prefer!
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- By Jennifer Hadfield
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