From Neon to Chevron: 9 Ways to Decorate a Boring Ol' Flower Pot

9 Flowerpots You Can Make Yourself9 Flowerpots You Can Make YourselfWhether you live in a house or apartment, you can bring color to your home or patio by planting flowers. And when you plant those beautiful flowers, you need a flower pot gorgeous enough to match! From neon to chevron, there are plenty of options to match your own personal style and interior decorating tastes. Here are 9 creative flower pots you can make yourself.

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Neon PotsNeon Pots1. Neon Pots
Add a trendy burst of color with this easy and fun idea -- just use a little paint!
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DIY Fabric PotsDIY Fabric Pots2. Fabric Pots
Here's an easy way to add some fun patterns and color or even create pots that match or contrast with something else in your decor. Just add a fabric of your choosing to your flower pots for the ultimate design.
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Sunken PotsSunken Pots3. Sunken Pots
Here's a new way of thinking about how you add plants to your garden -- don't worry about if they match. Instead, sink them and create a bright contrast to ground cover, bark, rock or other natural aspects of your yard.
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Chalkboard Clay PotsChalkboard Clay Pots4. Chalkboard Clay Pots
Chalkboard paint is a great idea for nearly everything! Check out this fun idea to dress up a clay pot.
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DIY Painted PotsDIY Painted Pots5. Painted Pots
Got a favorite pattern? Paint it on your pots! Check out this awesome article for ideas and inspiration.
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Chevron PotsChevron Pots6. Chevron Pots
Well, of course I love it because it's chevron! But look how easy it is to do and how it dresses up plain terracotta clay pots.
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Polka-dotted Address PlantersPolka-dotted Address Planters7. Polka-dotted Address Planters
These would make great neighbor gifts (although not in the dead of winter, perhaps). Look at these fun, polka-dotted pots -- complete with home address. I love it -- I'm going to give it a try!
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Chalkboard Label Flower Pots Chalkboard Label Flower Pots 8. Chalkboard Label Flower Pots
Here's another variation on the chalkboard idea - this time with a bit of flair and whimsy!
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Painted Pots Used as Silverware HoldersPainted Pots Used as Silverware Holders9. Painted Pots Used as Silverware Holders
You don't have to put plants in pots; instead, use them as fun silverware holders that you've brightened up with glossy, bold colors. Perfect for a picnic or event!
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