Redoing a Room? the Keys to a Realistic Design Plan

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The keys to a realistic design plan...The keys to a realistic design plan...OK, you're going to re-design a room (or maybe more) this year. I'm going to help you. The key: DON'T focus on the home you don't have..but instead, find inspiration to decorate YOUR space! Make your project --and your result-- your own, and before next year rolls around, and you will be living in digs to be proud of.

Inspiring thought 1- Love to Learn

Most people think you are either born with an innate sense of décor…or, you're not. And most of us feel we are not! But the truth is, decorating is a learned skill just like any skill, and it takes practice. Don't be afraid to break out of the "That's how my mother did it" mold and learn a few things you might not have taken in to consideration before. Books, magazines and online sites like GalTime and The Budget Decorator can help you with your decorating education.

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Inspiring thought 2- Create a Game Plan

The biggest mistake most home decorators make is that they get an idea for a decorating project, get really excited and put a lot of work into it, and then realize it didn't fit into the overall scheme. It may have been a terrific project, but if it isn't right for what you are trying to achieve in a room, it still won't make you happy. Resolve to create a master plan of everything you would like to do in order to have your ideal home. Then prioritize, find ways to save money on projects, and implement them as the budget allows. But always, follow the plan to keep you on track.

Inspiring thought 3-Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

We all have great home decorating wants for each room of our home. And that's great; there is nothing wrong with having nice things. But maybe it's time to start thinking less about luxury, and more about substance. The fact is a room that is decorated on a tight budget is often more creative and personal to those who live there. No more keeping up with the Joneses… choose quality items whenever you can afford them, but always keep your budget in mind!

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Inspiring thought 4-Never give up!

Here's the truth about some home decorating projects…they just don't always turn out. It's a fact, and it happens to the best designers. Resolve not to let a disappointment discourage you. This is part of the "Learn" resolution … you can't have great successes without the occasional bomb. If it doesn't work, try something else until it does!

Inspiring thought 5- Enjoy

That's it, just…enjoy. The reason most people are drawn to home decorating is because it creates a wonderful place to spend time with loved ones. So take the time to pour a glass of wine or cup of tea and gather your loved ones for a good board game, or a sit down dinner with all the trimmings. Stop and smell the roses, and be thankful.

Home decorating resolutions can be fun, and can help channel your creative spirit to finally allow you to achieve your decorating goals.

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