Out of Sight: Home Decor Inspired by Iconic Architecture

Home Decor Inspired by Iconic ArchitectureHome Decor Inspired by Iconic ArchitectureQuick … what do you get when an interior designer gets a serious travel itch? Home decor inspired by iconic buildings! Take a journey through some of the world's most famous structures, from Big Ben to The Sydney Opera House, and discover that home design inspiration can come from the most celebrated of places. We bring you fun facts about 3 world famous buildings, plus how you can nab the look for your own home. Just don't be surprised if your house guests walk from room to room admiring your decor and chanting: "I see London … I see France …"

Sydney Opera House | Sydney, Australia Sydney Opera House | Sydney, Australia 1. The Inspiration: Sydney Opera House | Sydney, Australia
It was originally estimated that the Sydney Opera House would cost $7 million to build ... $95 million later, the Opera House was finally completed. To account for this extra load of cash, the Aussies set up a special "Opera House Lottery," which ran for 17 years until the building was finally paid off.

Chivari Pendant Lamp Chivari Pendant Lamp The Inspired: Chivari Pendant Lamp
Okay, so you may not have world-renowned Opera singers frequenting your home, but that shouldn't stop you from bringing a touch of Sydney Opera House class to your décor with this gorgeous pendant lamp!
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Big Ben | London, England Big Ben | London, England 2. The Inspiration: Big Ben | London, England
Did you know that Big Ben isn't really the clock we all know it to be? It was actually the name of the tower's bell that rings every hour … but over time the clock, tower, and bells all took the one name we know today as "Big Ben." This giant clock is actually wound by hand and is regulated by a stack of coins. Hey, if it ain't broke …

Big Ben Wall StickersBig Ben Wall StickersThe Inspired: Big Ben Clock Wall Stickers We can't think of a cooler way to pass the time than with a giant Big Ben sticker stuck to our wall. Put them in any room for a pop of color and a little international flair.
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Beijing National Stadium (The Bird's Nest) | Beijing, China Beijing National Stadium (The Bird's Nest) | Beijing, China 3. The Inspiration: Beijing National Stadium (The Bird's Nest) | Beijing, China
After complaints that this stadium, built for the 2008 Olympics, was costing too much to construct (the final cost rolled in at $500 million), some 9,000 seats were cut from the design - yeah, because the 91,000 people it already seats really isn't enough. To build this nest-like monstrosity, nearly 5,000 Chinese had to be relocated.

Twig Mirror Twig Mirror The Inspired: Twig Mirror
If you're looking to branch out of your typical home décor aesthetic, a little birdie told us about this playful twig mirror - just the thing to bring a touch of Beijing's Bird's Nest to any room of your home!
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- By Jenn Gimbel

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