Lighter Desserts to Enjoy During Swimsuit Season

Summer is synonymous with swimsuit season, and for many that means saying "no" to summertime desserts. But that doesn't need to be the case. There are plenty of lighter options to choose that will allow you to indulge your summer sweet tooth without compromising your sizzling silhouette. Fruits, gelatin, and even ice cream can be figure-friendly when you make smart choices. Try these cool and light summertime desserts for a guilt-free, sweet treat.

Chocolate Mousse

You can whip up a quick and light version of this French classic by using sugar-free chocolate pudding, skim milk and fat-free non-dairy whipped topping. Just like the original, it's luscious and rich, but with only a fraction of the calories and fat.

Watermelon Granita

Granitas are a wonderful choice for summertime desserts, and nothing screams summer like watermelon. Just blend up some watermelon, lime juice and a pinch of zero-calorie sweetener. Then freeze, scrape with a fork, and voila - you have a delightful, nutritious dessert that won't weigh you down.

Dreyer's/Edy's® Slow Churned Light Ice Cream

Available in 24 creamy, figure-friendly flavors, Dreyer's/Edy's® Slow Churned Light Ice Cream has half the fat and one-third fewer calories than regular ice cream. Make it even better by topping it off with fresh berries and low-calorie whipped topping.

Tropical Fruit Salad with Yogurt

Summer's the best time for fresh and healthy fruit choices so take advantage of the season's bounty by making a tropical fruit salad. Just toss some pineapple, papaya, mango and kiwi with a bit of low-fat vanilla yogurt - nothing could be easier or tastier!

Lemon Gelatin with Whipped Topping

Sugar-free flavored gelatin desserts can have as few as 10 calories per serving with zero carbohydrates. Try the lemon flavor for a light and crisp summertime treat and top it off with fat-free, non-dairy whipped topping.

Keeping in shape during swimsuit season doesn't have to mean sacrificing desserts. Just make smart choices and take advantage of what the season has to offer. See you at the pool!

Content by Cherri Megasko .