He Did What? 5 First Date Body Language Red Flags

The world of dating is so complicated. With online dating, new technology and courses in the art of "getting the girl," dating has changed significantly over the past decade. Unfortunately, this also means that people aren't always who they say they are and that their intentions aren't always they way they present them (think Catfish). Even in person, it's hard to tell on the first date if the guy you are crushing on is really a good catch or not. Experts say it's important to read their non-verbal cues, but what does that even mean? Well, to help you out, I've rounded up some of the best body language experts to share five common red flags to watch for on a first date:

1. He Makes Heavy Eye Contact. Every girl's worst nightmare is to be on a date with a man who is only interested in sex. Dr. Wendy Walsh, author of The 30-Day Love Detox and resident expert at DatingAdvice.com, says there are ways to figure out his true intentions. "Heavy eye contact soon after you meet is a red flag. Research shows that if he holds a stare for more than two seconds, he is physically aroused. Men who want more than sex are able to act a little cooler," she says. "If his eyes keep sliding down to your chest or hips, and he has to force himself to focus on your face, that's a big sign that sex is his goal."

2. He Shrugs His Shoulders. Body language expert and author of You Can't Lie to Me, Janine Driver, says to watch for the shoulder shrug during conversation with your date; it's often a clear indication he's either not telling the complete story or he's avoiding a topic that's uncomfortable for him. For instance, if a guy shrugs while saying he's never been in a serious relationship, it's possible your date has commitment issues-a good clue to keep in mind for the future.

3. He Leans Away. How can you tell if a guy is interested in you or not? According to Jordan Harbinger, the non-verbal communication specialist at The Art of Charm, "If he's scanning the room and leaning back, then it sounds like you're having trouble keeping his attention." Additionally, take note if your date is facing away from you. "Experts say that if his feet point in another direction or his body turns away this implies that he's looking for a way to escape. This can also be a sign of anxiety."

4. His Arms Are Crossed. If a guy crosses his arms throughout a date, his guard is up or he wants to be left alone - both signify that he's not enjoying the evening. Jared Sais, body language expert for CupidsPulse.com, explains that you want your date to show non-verbal cues of relaxing, such as "using his hands to talk or putting his glass on a table or to his side."

5. He Licks His Lips. Walsh says that, by drawing attention to his mouth, your date is revealing his desire for a physical relationship: "If his mouth opens slightly, exposing a relaxed tongue, and his eyes scan down your body, it's a clear red flag." Sais adds that licking his lips can also be a sign that he's lying: "By lying, our body is doing something unnatural, so it goes into a state of stress. Your date's mouth may dry up, and licking his lips is a subconscious response to this feeling."

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